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Welcome to the SKAMEK Power AS website.

We created SKAMEK Power AS to provide high quality DAIHATSU Diesel and Gas engines for the Norwegian market and all over the world. These state of the art, Japanese engines (all the products are made in Japan) can provide outstanding relaibility with a reasonable price. We appreciate your inquiries and also a positive relationship with you and your company in this matter.


Sales & service representative of Daihatsu Stationary & Marine Diesel engine & ship equip


Daihatsu Marine & Stationary

A Global Provider of Power & Service

A division of the Toyota Group


-  Four stroke medium speed 600 rpm – 720 rpm - 900 rpm - 1200 rpm in-line and V12 (DK-36e)

-  490 KW – 6400 KW Marine Gensets Diesel engines 50 and 60hz

-  680 KW – 6600 KW Marine Propulsion Diesel Engines

-  Annex VI and DNV Clean Design emission level - Reliable, Efficient and Green Power

-  Meets & Exceed MARPOL, Annex VI, tier II, and correspond to tier III

-  Certifications issued by: ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, GL, KR, LRS and NK.

-  Extremely reliable & fuel-efficient Daihatsu engines; running on; Diesel fuel, heavy fuel,  

   GAS & Dual fuel - Global Service Network «round the clock - around the world»


Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question or inquiry.













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